Trash Rack


The Ecosol Trash Rack is a robust and modern primary treatment filtration system for use where there are cost or space constraints, or specialised cleaning equipment is not available. The unit captures and retains more than 93% of solid pollutants larger than >2000μm, although, in practice, it has been found to collect much smaller particles, including fine sediments.

Easily installed, the Ecosol Trash Rack’s simple design overcomes any adverse hydraulic impact traditionally encountered with generic, direct screening, trash racks that often block in first flush flows. By incorporating filtration nets into the design its operating life is significantly improved with an increased screening surface area and a larger pollutant holding capacity.

It can be installed not only end-of-line at almost any pipe outlet discharging to beaches, rivers, and creeks but also in-line within open channels.

The Ecosol Trash Rack consists of a structurally engineered stainless-steel frame with support legs and a removable heavy-duty UV-stabilised polyethylene filtration net that can be easily lifted out for cleaning and maintenance using a small crane truck. This overcomes the problem usually encountered with traditional, fixed direct-screen designs, which are often difficult and expensive to clean.

The system has been designed to provide a robust and durable cost effective primary treatment system that captures and retains solid pollutants conveyed in stormwater conduits.



  • Modular design easily scaled up to suit any size headwall or channel

  • Durable, engineered and modelled system that can withstand peak flows without being damaged

  • Easily maintained by vacuum truck or crane truck

  • Efficiently captures and retains gross litter and vegetation

  • Cost efficient integral pre-screening system for downstream secondary and tertiary systems

  • Filtration netting available in 50mm and 115mm aperture sizes