Local community receives Regular Funding for Maintaining Local Trash Rack.

JPS Petaling Selangor recently commissioned an Ecosol Trash Rack System under the one state one river initiative established by Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran Malaysia to target 1 river in each state to restore its water to an acceptable quality.

What makes this initiative unique is that the local community where the trash rack system is installed received payments by the bin for material captured and removed from the installed trash racks.

Currently and due to the significant volume of gross litter retained within the individual trash rack nets the local community cleans the nets every second day.

This unique and collaborative approach between the local government, local community and supplier with careful consideration to maintenance and safety, allowed a simple, safe and cost efficient sustainable system to be installed. This clever initiative encourages community involvement not only from an environmental aspectbut also financially rewards the local community.


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