Net Guard

The Ecosol Net Guard provides effective primary treatment of stormwater flows thereby significantly enhancing the operational life of downstream secondary and tertiary treatment systems.

The system has been designed to provide a robust and durable cost effective in-line primary treatment system that captures and retains solid pollutants conveyed in stormwater conduits.

In developing this innovative primary stormwater treatment system careful consideration has been given to durability, longevity, cost, and maintainability.

Key commercial technical features include:


  • low visual impact and energy footprint

  • designed hydraulics with proven performance and longevity

  • scalable, adaptable design

  • cost effective maintenance regime.

The Ecosol Net Guard is a compact primary filtration system that removes pollutants from stormwater flows. It consists of a pre-cast concrete pit that houses a strong stainless-steel frame with a removable heavy-duty UV-stabilised polyethylene filtration net for gross pollutant capture and retention. The filtration net is similar to that used in the highly-successful and widely-sold Ecosol Net Tech.

Once installed, under any flow, the unit will start capturing and retaining pollutants. The filtered stormwater passes through the net and downstream to the receiving waterway or to a secondary treatment system. It will continue to capture and retain gross pollutants until the filtration net reaches its designed holding capacity, or in the event of a major rain event, when excess flows will simply overtop the system, as designed.

The unit requires little or no structural change to the existing stormwater system, thereby reducing capital costs and minimising disruption to the general public during installation. One of the unit’s key advantages is its ability to operate effectively in both partially submerged and tidal environments where it will continue to operate effectively without any remobilisation of pollutants larger than the net apertures.